We strongly believe in the quality of our products and the service we provide. The total satisfaction and correspondence of the expectations of our customers is the main focus, and our relationship with the customer is our highest quality.

Design and Color

It is the great differentiating element, fruit of the investment in the development of our lines. Each piece represents a city and a history of Portugal. The variety of colors that we offer allow to give each piece of stoneware a charisma of its own, and give a special touch to your table.


Its part of our DNA to take a risk and persist to bring to the markets usefuls and distinct products that enhace its value.

Portuguese Ceramic

With ancestral partners, with extensive experience since 1980 in stoneware, Portuguese Ceramic was founded by a Portuguese – formerly Manager in one of the best restaurants in London and Director of Operations in Portugal who, with pride in its origins and in the extreme quality of the Production that his country develops in the area, decided to start its activity with pieces of excellence, which in addition to its functional usefulness have become true fashion accessories at the table.

The focus on the hand made and the creation of value through the characteristics of its products is its great reason of existence. Each piece is created to bring the warmth, color and texture of the Mediterranean to your table. The design, a link between the traditional Portuguese and the current world trends.

Personalized or in series, Portuguese Ceramic presents a collection of collections and possibilities that, cooked at high temperatures, are considered as very resistant and of low porosity. Unique characteristics that lead to the elaboration of a stoneware of high quality. Usual for food preparation, freezing, conventional oven, microwave, and machine wash.


Personalized or in series, Portuguese Ceramic presents a range of products that, made at high temperatures, are considered very resistant and low porosity. Unique characteristics to obtain high quality stoneware.

We highlight the follow properties:

  • Low water absorption;
  • High conservation capacity of the temperature of the food and its textures;
  • Superior resistance to thermal shock with the possibility of being transported, without damage, directly from the freezer to the oven;
  • High resistance to washing in dishwasher;
  • Good behavior in microwave, washing machine, oven and freezer;